Lancashire Local History Federation

Welcome to the website of the Lancashire Local History Federation

British Association for Local History.

Formed in 1973, we are the official co-ordinating body for local history in the  County Palatine of Lancaster. We have members as far apart as Dalton in Furness to the north and Denton to the south, Fleetwood to the west and Farnworth to the east. Whether you are interested in Local History, Family History, Archaeology or Industrial Archaeology, if there is a bearing on Lancashire in your field of research, one or more of our member societies will be able to help.

Through this website, we hope that you will be able to find out more about the Federation and maybe even consider joining us either as a society or an individual. We have linked our pages to those who we believe can offer more information on specialist areas of Lancashire research. Check them out, they may have further information that you are looking for!

           Who is Where?

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What is the Federation doing?

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What are the Societies doing?

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