Lancashire Local History Federation

Lancashire Local History Federation ‘At Home’

       with Ribchester Local History Society

                   in Ribchester Village Hall    

                    Saturday 10th  June 2023

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It’s Taking Over This Town! The Evolution of UCLan in Preston

From a small college with a few hundred students, to a large university welcoming thousands from across the world with an increasing physical footprint, UCLan has become a significant feature of Preston. Has it always been mutually beneficial, or are ‘town and gown’ always going to be at odds?

Join Dr Keith Vernon, Principal Lecturer in History, as he takes a historical perspective on the evolution of the institution to explore how university and community are connected.

Thursday 26 January, 6-7pm, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, UCLan Campus or register online by Eventbrite:

You are welcome to join either online or in person.


Lancashire Local History Federation is delighted to publish a book of original essays written in honour of Dr Alan Crosby. He has made an invaluable contribution to furthering the understanding and enjoyment of local history in Lancashire.

The contributions span many centuries and nine varied aspects of county history.


1. Red lines, over-sands crossings and King Arthur: a re-appraisal of the depiction of the North West on the Gough Map - William D. Shannon
2. The Catholic Cliftons and the Church of England at Lund and Lytham - Peter Shakeshaft
3. Pilkington and its fieldnames - Diana Winterbotham
4. Cheesemaking in the Goosnargh area in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries - Zoë Lawson
5. A Peculiar People transformed: the changing face of Quakerism in Victorian Lancashire - Angus J. L. Winchester
6. Working at home during the nineteenth century: a case study of Winckley Square, Preston - Geoff Timmins
7. Success to the ladies of Worden: the trials and tribulations of a Lancashire estate - David Hunt
8. The Seward stained-glass studio of Lancaster - Margaret Edwards
9. Local history and the Lancaster Historical Pageant of 1913 - Mike Winstanley

Includes a foreword by Paul Booth; an extensive list of works by Alan Crosby; and a comprehensive index.                              

Fully illustrated. ISBN 978-1-5272-6533-2.

Archives (updated 6 April 2021)

They are pleased to welcome you back in person to Lancashire Archives.

Your experience will be slightly different if you have visited previously, in order to comply with guidance on social distancing and to ensure the safety of all the visitors and staff.

From Tuesday 13 April 2021 the opening hours for pre-booked visitors only will be:

Tuesday to Friday 9.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm.

From Saturday 8 May 2021 they will open for pre-booked visitors 10.30am-12.30pm and 1.30 -3.30pm on the second Saturday of the month (8 May; 12 June; 10 July; 14 August; 11 September; 9 October; 13 November; 11 December).

The building will close between 12.30pm and 1.30pm each day so that the public areas can be cleaned. There will be no public access to the building during this time.

They will not open until 7pm on Tuesday, however they will review this on a regular basis.

The copying and enquiry service is still available and the catalogues can be searched online.

They will email you their monthly News from the Archives if you contact

They are creating a Covid-19 pandemic archive collection so that future generations can understand the effect of Covid-19 on everyday life in Lancashire. Contributions are welcome from all ages including children.

Arrangements for visiting Lancashire Archives from Tuesday 13 April 2021

All visits are by advance appointment only. 
All material must be ordered in advance, including microfilm and microfiche.
All payments are cashless and we are sorry that we will be unable to provide change for pay and display parking.
All enquiries will be answered from behind a screen. We will be unable to assist with computers and microform readers.
The tea room is not available but you can use a water dispenser located in the search room.
Only one person at a time may access the toilets.

We expect that you will:

not visit if you are self-isolating or have symptoms of Covid-19.
follow the latest government guidance on the coronavirus.
respect all our signage and directions for the safety of yourself and others.
observe 2 metre distancing at all times.
wear a face covering at all times in the record office building - unless exempt.
practise good hygiene including sanitising or washing hands thoroughly when you enter the building and before you leave.

If you prefer not to visit us, the archive enquiry and copying service is operating as usual. Or you may wish to employ a local record agent to carry out research on your behalf. 

Do bear in mind that these arrangements will be kept under review and that the situation may change at short notice.


 The Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire is pleased to announce that many of its publications are now available in digital format, free to users.

A full list of digitised volumes, and links to access them, can be found on our website:

This digital library – comprising 140 volumes, and covering a wide range of topics and historical periods from the eleventh to the twentieth century – will provide a valuable resource for all those interested in the history of Lancashire and Cheshire. Editions published within the last ten years are not available online, but can be purchased via our website.

The Record Society seeks to promote understanding of, and public interest in, Lancashire and Cheshire’s past, through the publication of editions of historical documents. For an annual subscription of £20, members receive each year a hardback volume and an invitation to an historical lecture. For more information, including details of upcoming publications, please go to

This is a questionnaire to all members of the Federation, to capture some information and views about how the University might help to support local history activities. 

University of Central Lancashire Questionnaire.