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Recording the many workforces of the town.

The Leyland Historical is presently in its 50th Season, the society having been formed on 1st July 1968. To commemorate this event the Society are organising a series of events and projects.

            Whilst researching the first edition of the book on “The Industrial Heritage of Leyland and Farington” it was surprising the number of factories and businesses that have been conducted within the area in the last hundred and fifty years.

            All types of business could be found in Leyland and at one time there were over 18,000 people working within Leyland itself with up to 30,000 if you include Farington.

            The second edition of the book, updated and expanded is now available from the Society at our meetings or from Great Grandfathers for £9.95. It  includes all the research undertaken in the last ten years.


Following the success of the first book and the reminisces of the 12,000 people who are on the Leyland Memories site on Facebook, the Historical Society’s committee realised that we were in danger of missing out recording the oral history of the factory workers who helped to run the industries of Leyland and Farington in the last century. The old factory buildings have disappeared, however, their story can still be told.

Following our assistance in previous projects with the University of Central Lancashire and the Commercial Vehicles Museum on Leyland Paints in a small way, the next project in 2016 on the Leyland & Birmingham Rubber Company demonstrated the wealth of knowledge that could be obtained if you ask the retired employees.

The Society then last year contacted the Heritage Lottery Fund who agreed that this was a worthwhile project and will fund the production of the new book together with the costs of a full oral history project.

So the Society is appealing to the people of Leyland and their families and friends to help us establish a database of Leyland and Farington workers, be it Leyland Motors, Leyland & Birmingham Rubber Works, BTR, Baxters, Leyland Paints, the four cotton mills, gold thread works, bleach works, or any other factories, workshops or other manufacturing premises in Leyland and Farington.

Anyone interviewed for the Oral History project will receive a FREE copy of the new edition of the Industrial Heritage of Leyland & Farington book.  

We will then record their memories for future generations making them available to the local museums, libraries, colleges and schools in the form of CD, video and publications.


Once again, Maureen and Peter Shakeshaft and Christine Storey have drawn up an enticing programme for the annual FHN event.


• Rachel Newman: Expect the Unexpected: the contribution of recent development-led archaeology to our understanding of the past
• Dr Alan Crosby: Creating a county: the emergence of Lancashire 700-1200
• Dr William Shannon: The Chancery Court of the Duchy of Lancaster at Westminster in the 16th and 17th centuries
• Dr Michael Winstanley: Who did Lancaster Castle ‘belong to’? – c.1698-1930

St Anne’s United Reformed Church Hall, St George’s Road, St Anne’s on Sea, FY8 2AE

Saturday 3rd November. Conference only £12; £22 with lunch.

The Federation is pleased to support this annual event. It is always popular, so we advise you to book early! Details of how to book and more information about the day is available on the website

LuneTube - North Lancashire history films

They produce short films about the history of North Lancashire and publish a new film every week. The films have been viewed over 50,000 times so far and have featured in the local press and radio, Bay Living Magazine, the BALH 'Local History News' and many other places. They produce the films as a hobby and publish them for people to watch for free.


2018 Annual lecture - Tuesday 9 October 7.00pm
Lancashire Archives, Bow Lane Preston, PR1 2RE

Emeritus Professor Diana Whaley
[Emeritus Professor Diana Whaley Newcastle Univ]

From Botany Bay to Seldom Seen: classifying minor names in Lancashire and Northumberland.

 Please send order form and a cheque payable to Lancashire Place Name Survey  to:
LPNS, Jennifer Holt, 258 Blackburn Road, Haslingden, BB4 5JF  by Friday 5th October

(Tickets will only be sent out by second class post where it is not possible to confirm by email)